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Tuesday, 7th September

Spring rolls for every meal.....

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Nick is having to work for much of L, E, P and Brad's visit but at least we can meet up in the evening. It's Tuesday so a wander into the city centre, a rush job through the Museum of Revolution as it appeared to be closing early (according to the timetable I had been given) and a kindly Vietnamese suggested we skip the bits about the French as colonists and go straight to the American War. Laura, Ed and Peter are not known for their love of hovering over exhibit after exhibit so to cut out several decades of history and leave the rat we saw rushing behind an early colonial print, was their idea of visiting a museum! 11.30 close may of course mean an 11.00 close and all visitors must be out of the door with the lock firmly closed behind them by the stated hour so it was an even faster gallop through the American War..... Nick and I will have to return on our own some day!

We took a quick detour on the home and visited the Dong Xuan market and Peter bought two pairs of "Raybun" sunglasses for DNG60k (all of £2). We also bought some umbrellas - they were used the following day. That evening, our neighbours and landlords came for supper. The Minh family are great! Sense of humour, interesting academic lives, coconut kings. They made use of Ed and Peter being around and cut down the 5 or 6 coconuts from one of the trees in our garden. I must find more uses for fresh coconut as, having finally got to the flesh, it's a terrible waste! (and think of the matting I could knit).large_P1010569.jpg

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Full Langford family Hanoi

Laura, Brad, Ed and Peter came out for 10 days and we had a great time and I'll update the blog by day/interesting photos!

All here by mid afternoon Monday, 6 September so quick shower and food (Peter), we went into town for a wander and to meet Nick at his office. I did walk them all quite a way but then they got the feel of the hectic, noisy, dirty, busy city - first time crossing a road is very hairy but you grit your teeth, choose your moment, keep your eyes open and go for it. Keep the same pace and line and the motorcyclists will weave around you. It is nerve wracking at first and still, sometimes, my heart does thump just a tad faster as you do wonder who will give way first but it must be the traffic!

They all loved the house! I realised a couple of weeks ago that the double bed in the (relatively) small bedroom just wasn't going to Ed or Peter's cup of tea. I lay down on it and my ankles were hanging off the end - it would have been the boys' knees.... so Peter got the shorter straw and despatched up to the top floor - hey! the air con works really well so he was fine!

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I am determined to get this blog up and running...

... but it's very frustrating!

However, I shall perserve and you may find that I go back over the past 6 weeks with photos, ramblings which should have been posted ages ago, so bear with me. My next blog will start with the kids coming out.... such fun!

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